LTAP Construction Mathematics

Construction Mathematics Workshop

Thursday, November 12th – 8:00am – 3:00pm

Instructed by Mr. Robert Hearn

Description – This course is designed to acquaint or re-acquaint participants with the fundamentals of basic mathematics. Using visual aids and workplace props, participants will learn vocabulary and concepts as they relate to everyday life, then they will learn how to apply processes (calculations, rounding, measurement, etc) to practical scenarios. The participants will learn: (1). Understand fundamental mathematical concepts such as converting units of measurement; (2) Understand the concepts of areas and volumes; and (3) Apply basic mathematics to practical situations.

Who Should Attend –  Public Work Directors and Staff, Superintendent, construction workers, Laborers, Crew Leaders, Foremen, Road Managers, Sign Crews, Technicians and anyone who wants to conquer their fear of math.

Registration Information – This course offered through LTAP is intended primarily for local, state, federal and private agencies.

Registration fee is $25. Lunch is not provided. Substitutions may be made at any time.

Any registrant requiring a reasonable accommodation during training (i.e., mobility or access) should contact the Mississippi LTAP Center prior to the course date so the appropriate arrangements can be made; email or call (601) 359-7685.

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