TIP Amendment Process Dec. 8th-Jan. 20th

TIP Amendment Process Dec. 8th-Jan. 20th

Every 6 months the MPO reviews the MS Gulf Coast Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for needed modifications, updates, corrections.

During this review period, MPO members can request revisions to existing listed projects and/or submit new project applications for consideration to be added to the TIP as available funds allow.

The submission period for this amendment process is 12/8 – 1/20.

Existing project holders must attend the next TIP progress meeting 1-4pm on Wednesday, 1/25.

The TCC will consider, at their all requests for changes and make recommendations for the TPC to discuss and finalize at their meeting on 2/23.

The Amended TIP will then be sent to MDOT and FHWA for final approval and inclusion in the statewide plans.