MS Gulf Coast Plan For Opportunity


The federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities developed six livability principles to encourage more sustainable economies, environments, and social opportunities and to guide regions in their planning efforts.

Livability Principles

  • Provide more transportation choices
  • Promote equitable, affordable housing
  • Enhance economic competitiveness
  • Support existing communities
  • Coordinate and leverage federal policies and investment
  • Value communities and neighborhoods

Our three-year regional visioning process translated these general principles into distinct goals that make sense and are achievable for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We identified many long-term goals that stakeholders and residents have for our region and included those objectives and recommendations in the final Plan For Opportunity document.

About Us

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Sustainable Communities Initiative was coordinated by Gulf Regional Planning Commission and led by four stakeholder committees that involved a diverse group of city and county leaders, key community and public partners and residents of the region. The four committees included an Executive Committee, a 15 member body representing city and county leadership and key community and public stakeholders. 8 members were drawn from GRPC’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) membership, and the other 7 members were partners with regional interests. They were the decision-making body for the Plan; the Sustainability Working Group was a 45+ member committee who were responsible for guiding goal, policy and content development activities for the Plan; the Regional Governments Committee had 15 members, one official from each city/county of the Gulf Coast region which kept their respective jurisdictions informed about Plan progress; and the Project Management Committee, which consisted of lead partner agencies overseeing complete development of the final document. These partners coordinated all research and outreach for the Plan. Project management partners included:

The final plan was published and made available for public use in February 2014. View and Download here: Plan for Opportunity



Program Fact Sheets

MS Gulf Coast Regional Fact Sheet

Transportation & Land Use Fact Sheet

Housing Fact Sheet 

Resiliency Fact Sheet

Food Systems Fact Sheet

Economic Development Fact Sheet

Water Resources Fact Sheet

Working Documents

Working Documents were created for each livability principle/Plan chapter. These individual documents were approved by the Working Group, the Executive Committee, and HUD. Working Documents provided information and recommendations that guided the preparation of the final plan; these are not final plan documents.

Please note that some of these are large PDF files which may take significant time to open and download.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Values Survey

Assessing Gulf Coast Plans on Regional Livability

Geography of Opportunity Chapter

Mississippi Gulf Coast Food System Assessment
Mississippi Gulf Coast Food System Stakeholder Analysis
Savor the Coast: A Recipe for a Sustainable Coast

Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Assessment
Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Stakeholder Analysis
Tides of Change: A New Wave of Sustainability

Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Assessment
Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Stakeholder Analysis
Mississippi Gulf Coast Housing Recommendations
Mississippi Gulf Coast Fair Housing and Equity Assessment

Regional Economic Development Assessment
Downtown Profile and Assessment
Economic Development and Workforce Stakeholder Analysis
Economic Development and Workforce Recommendations

Regional Land Use Assessment

Mississippi Gulf Coast Transportation Assessment
Mississippi Gulf Coast Transportation Stakeholder Analysis
Mississippi Gulf Coast Transportation Recommendations

Mississippi Gulf Coast Air Quality Assessment
Mississippi Gulf Coast Air Quality Stakeholder Analysis

Resilience in the Plan for Opportunity