Coast leaders say its best to do transportation improvement planning together

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – by Danielle Thomas

Since most roads don’t end at the city limits, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Metropolitan Planning Organization says neither should plans for improving traffic flow. Leaders from Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock counties met to get an update on transportation improvement projects. They said making it easier for drivers to get around the Coast will benefit all communities.

Three Rivers Road is one of several major Gulfport thoroughfares about to be widened. City leaders said that means getting more drivers where they want to go faster.

“We have a lot of delays at peak times in the day such as first thing in the morning when people are traveling to work and then also in the afternoon,” said Kris Riemann, Gulfport City Engineer. “With having a wider road, you can get a lot more traffic through that area which will then decrease the time that people will have to wait when they’re traveling.”

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