Public Transit Planning

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Gulf Regional Planning Commission provides support to the mission of Coast Transit Authority. GRPC assists CTA with transit planning, public involvement and satisfying various federal regulations.

Short and Long Range Planning

As a companion document to the long-range transportation plan for the region, the Transit Development Plan (TDP) identifies projects for future inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) developed periodically by GRPC.


Mississippi Gulf Coast TDP 2020-2045 Final Report

Public Involvement

GRPC and CTA staff jointly coordinate public outreach and engagement activities. We take advantage of the opportunity to share resources and to meet with the public and other stakeholders whenever possible.

Federal Requirements

GRPC helps CTA satisfy various federal requirements such as National Transit Database reporting, Title VI compliance, and the development of required documents.bus

Coordinated Transportation Plan

2019 CTA Title VI Plan

System Analysis

GRPC staff analyzes the current fixed-route transit system to determine if improvements or adjustments should be recommended to enhance the system such as system expansion, route adjustments, headway reductions and new

2019 Transit Service Review

Infrastructure Enhancements

GRPC facilitates the planning and implementation of transit shelter construction along the fixed-route system to include: new shelter site selection, evaluation and planning including negotiations with property owners. picture1


As a regular part of the GRPC and CTA relationship, our planning staff provides a variety of mapping services in support of route planning, marketing, outreach and other CTA activities.map1