Walking and Bicycling

The MPO actively encourages, supports and funds bicycle and pedestrian planning and implementation. GRPC continues to partner with local governments and advocacy groups to promote biking and walking within the MPO region.

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Transportation Alternatives

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) authorizes distribution of approximately $600,000.00 annually in Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds to Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as provided by Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act (IIJA). 

Complete Streets Program

Complete Streets MS Coast MPO 2023 FINAL

Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC) continues to support and promote complete streets policies. GRPC encourages policy development by local governments while understanding a successful policy is dependent on the jurisdiction’s capability to commit resources (staff and funding) for a successful implementation. Local jurisdictions are beginning to recognize the value of routinely accommodating all users during the planning phases of transportation improvement projects.