CUMIR Updates

CUMIR Project Overview

Purpose: is to provide for compatible use among the military and private sectors and to develop resilient energy strategies that strengthen the Coast to all disasters.

  • Climate change, ecological risks, and the expanded magnitude and breadth of military operations need further examination so that collaboration among the military, private sector, and the public can be maximized.

Project Milestones

September 2020 – GRPC released RFP for Compatible Use Military Installation Resilience (CUMIR) Plan

November 2020 – GRPC established a CUMIR Selection Committee and received CUMIR proposals

December 2020 – GRPC Board approved Stantec Consulting Services (Compatible Use) and Matrix Design Group (Military Installation Resilience) at their Dec. 16 meeting, after a recommendation from the CUMIR Selection Committee. The Committee was made up of local government representatives and GRPC staff.