MPO Programs

Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC) offers a myriad of programs that relate to transportation and the environment. Below are a listing of all current programs offered via GRPC.


Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) lists the improvement projects and scheduled to begin in a 4-year period. In 2016, we’ll be developing the 2017-2020 TIP. Applications are being accepted from 2/11 through 5/13.

Transportation Improvement Program


Get To B – Road Safety

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Get To B Program


Regional Traffic Counts

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Traffic Count Program


Clean Air Corps – Air Quality

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Clean Air Corps Program


MPO Programs Map

The Interactive Map is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems), application that our agency utilizes for display and monitoring GRPC related projects like our TIP projects, RR Crossings, Safety Projects, Mississippi Gulf Coast Bike Routes and many more map layers.

Interactive Map


Plan for Opportunity

Plan for Opportunity is a collaborative planning project intended to guide the economic growth and development of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and to improve housing, employment and transportation opportunities throughout the region.