Vision Zero Action Plan – Intersections

Ensuring a data driven, objective, and balanced analytical approach, GRPC strives to provide information for the development of projects and programs that increase safety, improve mobility, and access to opportunity, while promoting quality of life.



Reduce motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries


Evaluating and improving the safety of intersections system-wide by considering innovative design changes, improved delineation, advanced warning, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossing improvements.

Performance Measure:

Number of serious injury and fatality crashes

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In 2019 crashes at intersections contribute to 42 percent of fatal, severe injury, and moderate injury crashes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It is not unusual that crashes are concentrated at intersections, because intersections are the point on the roadway system where traffic movements most frequently conflict with one another.

Through a partnership between the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC), a Local Road Safety Plan was completed that analyzed crash data to identify intersections with safety concerns. The map below shows priority intersections were identified that showed patterns of fatal or serious injury crashes, or patterns of certain crash types that may lead to higher risk for injury. Possible countermeasures that would eliminate or mitigate identified safety concerns were identified based on the crash types that were occurring.

Safety Countermeasures

  • Traffic control and operational improvements
  • Geometric improvements
  • Sight distances at signalized intersections
  • Driver awareness of intersections and signal control
  • Left and right turn lanes
  • Improved delineation
  • Advanced warning
  • Roundabouts
The goal of the Gulf Coast Vision Zero Action Plan is to reduce roadway crashes and reduce crash injury severity through the implementation of safety projects and activities.

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